March Work Day: Getting Spring Fever

Bruce Monroe Community Garden hosted our 2014 Season Kick-off on March 15. We had a great number of gardeners and community members come out to enjoy a beautiful day—and get their hands dirty.

We got a lot accomplished, but had a lot of fun doing it.

In addition to meeting new neighbors and friends–and creating wheelbarrow trains with new friends–we really got down to business. Volunteers helped move fresh compost into all the plots, re-dug the footers to secure our relocated main sign, and performed some maintenance on several of the raised beds.

conga line

Gardeners move new compost to all the raised beds.


Volunteers secured the footers for our garden sign which had been relocated to a new centralized location this season.


Volunteers repaired the wall of one of the raised beds.

bed repair

We also continued to build our compost bins, something that’s been on our agenda for a while.

Barry helped break down woodly plant matter so that it will decompose faster.


We held an orientation and workshop for new gardeners to discuss good crops to plant for our climate zone, a calendar for planting, and planting from seed versus transplanting—and we enjoyed some delicious food from our neighbors, Woodlands Vegan Bistro.

We also held a Kids Garden kick-off for kids and families. Volunteers helped put more compost in the kids garden to prepare them for the season, and organizers had materials on hand for kids to plant their own seeds in small pots to bring home.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We’re making great progress on our garden maintenance tasks and we’re going to be in great shape for the season. And hopefully Spring is just around the corner to stay . . .

Next work day is April 19, come out and join us!.

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