Individual Plots

An individual plot is yours for the growing season at a cost of $30. Plots are 3 feet by 6 feet. There is a maximum of 2 plots per family. A few plots for 2019 are still available, including potentially new plots if gardeners decide to leave the garden. Please contact us if you would like a plot.

Shared Plots

Free! Shared amongst gardeners and the wider community, shared plots share both work and the produce from these plots. Our group of shared plot gardens plans, plants, weeds, and maintains the shared plots, which are located at the entrance of the garden near Columbia Road in the raised beds painted dark green. Shared plots also use the plots surrounding the garden next to the fences.

Forest Garden

The forest garden is another free shared garden with about 15 fruit and nut trees, berry and nut bushes, and other types of edible, native, and support plants. Our trees include pecans, almonds, pawpaws, Asian pears, and figs. We also have blackberry and raspberry bushes and more. A team of volunteers supports the forest garden, so contact us if you’d like to help.

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