First Work Day of 2015 – Huge Success!

Last Saturday we had our first workday of the 2015 season, and it couldn’t have been a bigger success.

Over 50 of you came out to help get the garden ready for the season, and get it ready we did!

Our biggest effort was moving the massive piles of compost and rock dust into our raised beds. As returning gardeners know, and new gardeners learned, moving that rock dust is no joke. That rock may be dust, but its still rock. And it is heavy. But the work will yield great rewards – all those good minerals will re-enrich our soil and boost plant growth.

Rock Dust

Just look at those beds full of fresh soil and rock dust! The perfect home for seeds and seedlings.

New Soil

We did a number of other projects in the garden too. Steve got to work fixing our main garden sign, and fellow gardener Marc took on fixing the door to our Little Free Library. Soon we will be able to fill it again with books.

Steve Fixing Sign

Other gardeners formed a crew to repair the plot dividers on our raised beds. Thanks to everyone who brought cordless drills this was a most speedy and efficient operation. Still other gardeners formed a dead plant removal brigade (seen in the background action below).

Bed Dividers

And, of course, there was major compost action, led capably by Barry. We pulled out the compost, set to it with machetes to speed the decomposition, turned it and put it back in the bins. Barry also led a training in the use of our new DPR compost bin system. (If anyone is interested in getting trained in that system please email the garden.)

Compost Chopping


After all that, we still had time and energy to organize the 73,498 loose tomato cages into stacks along the fence (please help yourselves!) install our bat box on the shed, and clean and organize the shed (thanks Josh!)

Shed Action

The sun came out gloriously as the morning turned into afternoon, and the buoyant mood was palpable.


We look forward to seeing everyone out at the garden in the weeks to come, and if not before then, at our next garden work day on April 18th..

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